Course Outline

Module 1: Are You Ready?
  • Understand how ready you are to partner with your teen in the learning to drive process.
  • Understand the urgency of partnering with your teen.
    Module 2: Risky Business
  • Identify the risks and hazards related to teen driving.
  • Recognize the need for and benefits of defensive driving as it relates to teens.
    Module 3: Working as a Team
  • Define what it means to be a partner with a teen in the learning to drive process.
  • Identify and assess your traits and overall abilities to be an effective partner.
  • Determine the traits and behaviors you need to change or improve to become a more effective partner in the future.
    Module 4: Laying Down the Law
  • Recognize components of a GDL System.
  • Identify GDL and other laws in your state.
  • Identify driving skills to practice with your teen.
    Module 5: Putting It in Writing
  • Identify the purpose and components of an effective Parent/Teen Driver Contract.
  • Recognize the relationship between driving restrictions and the consequences that will occur for any violation.
  • List examples of privileges, violations, and appropriate consequences for violations as your teen learns to drive.
  • Communicate the benefits of a Parent/Teen Driver Contract to your teen.
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